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What does it mean to be a member or a friend of Bridge ID? Membership is free, and allows you to - participate in the web forum and point of contact with all other members - meet and discuss issues of mutual interest with young professionals from around the world in a biennial conference - attend a variety of challenging educational events throughout the year (or help organise some yourself) - meet with fellow members in less taxing social events - influence Bridge ID´s going concern as a charity Alternatively, you can simply become a friend of Bridge ID. Being a friend of Bridge ID will provide you with the same benefits as membership, except the right to influence the going concern as a charity (e.g. attend the AGM, vote on major decisions regarding future conferences/events, running of the website, etc.)


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Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we have a legal duty to protect any personal information we collect from you.

  • We will only use personal information you supply to us for the reason that you provided it for.
  • We will only hold your information for as long as necessary to fulfil the aims and objectives of the Bridge ID Charity.
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  • All members and friends of Bridge ID who have access to your personal data or are associated with the handling of that data are obliged to respect your confidentiality.
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